On camera principal for national network usage


   Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, B.A. (Liberal Arts), M.F.A. (Theatre)

   Primary Stages Einhorn School of the Performing Arts (ESPA), New York, NY


    Monologues:  Michelle Bossy, Karen Kohlhaas

    Scene Study:  Kelly AuCoin, Paul Austin, Jessica Hecht, Patrick Quagliano

    On-Camera Acting & Auditioning: Blair Baker (MN Acting Studio), Jamie Carroll (Kimball Studio)

    Improv:    Fanchon Scheier

    Commercials:  David Cady

     Voice:  Jane Guyer Fujita

Dialects:  Southern, South African


the broken'hearts of a corrupted                 Michele Clark /                 New Dramatists

white house  (reading)                                            Woodward 

Street Scene  (reading)                                          Music Student                   Labyrinth Theater Company 

Father Joe Brown is Alive  (reading)              Shanika                                 Lark Play Development Center

The Champion  (barebones production)         Theresa                                 Dir. Reg Douglas

All's Well That Ends Well   (reading)               First Lord                            Oregon Shakespeare  Festival - Play on! Project

Hidden Hate / Hidden Love:                              Mabel                                    Conceived of by Anna Deavere Smith  /

"The Duchess of Stringtown" (reading)                                                                 Dir. Elena Araoz

She She She                                                                 Girl Who Sleeps               Dir. Elena Araoz / Hook & Eye Theater

                                                                                            Most of the Day

Alondra Was Here                                                   Drunk Woman/Elvis     Dir. Jade King Carroll 

The Dawns                                                                   Daughter                             Columbia University MFA Playrighting/Directing          

In Full Bloom                                                               Beth                                       Nylon Fusion Theatre Company / Dir. Melissa Skirboll

Teach Me to Cry                                                        Miss Brady/Girl              Midtown International Theatre Festival /

                                                                                                                                               Dir. Gerald vanHeerden

Long Distance Affair                                               Nicole                                   Edinburgh Festival Fringe / PopUp Theatrics 

Queen Latina and Her Power Posse               NAACP Member          Cherry Lane Theatre / Labyrinth Theater Company

Copy...                                                                             Lead                                         NYU/Tisch Graduate Film

Morning Person                                                        Lead                                         Columbia Graduate Film

Park 51                                                                           Supporting                           NYU/Tisch Thesis Film

This Is Without You                                                Supporting                           NYU/Tisch Film

The Legend of Bloody Mary                               Lead                                         Dir. John Stecenko